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I use color and paint to express my response to everything: nature, rock stars, jazz musicians, the weather, tennis, friends, world events, and much more. Rarely do I know how the piece will turn out even when it's almost done; there still may be additional ideas popping into my head. This may take days or even weeks for my ideas to come to fruition, but the emotion that results can be complete delight. This can be agonizing at times but it's well worth it.

Biography:    Wayne was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1948 and loved the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh early on. Although his formal education was in photojournalism, art has always been a big part of his life and in 2004 he was presented with a dilemma. He was stuck with over 24 quarts of paint from the local Kelly-Moore paint store that were left over from his home interior. Rather than waste the paint, he decided to buy some large canvases from University Art in San Jose and put the paint to use. His first tries were satisfactory and so he began. The next few years were spent painting on his own to create large abstract expressionist pieces. He studied the likes of Pollock, Diebenkorn, Rothko, Twombly, Motherwell, Krasner, Kline and Mitchell (most of 'The Irascibles' from the 50's). This absorption gave him a basic understanding of the principles of light and color. Naturally, he built upon his work in color photography. Currently, he produces work, often densely layered, but always highly energized. Please check out his book, 'Salvatore,' at www.blurb.com.
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