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About Artist Statement:
Color has an amazing ability to capture moods and emotions. Inspired by both nature and music, I use color and paint application to express my response to either stimulus. Sometimes I get just a flash of an image in my mind and I can´t relax until I recreate it. But it isn´t enough to just paint the image; I have to also express the emotion that came with it. I rely on my instincts to gauge my success. The process can be agonizing at first, but when it works there is a surge of pure elation.
Wayne was born in Hartford, CN in 1948 and loved the works of Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh early on. Although his formal education was in Photojournalism, art has always been a big part of his life and in 2004 he was stuck with a dilemma. He had bought over 24 quarts of paint from the local Kelly-Moore paint store trying to decide on colors for the interior of his house. Rather than toss all that paint, he decided to buy a couple of large canvases and use it. His first couple of tries looked splendid and off he went.

He spent the next few years painting on his own and creating large abstract expressionist pieces. He studied the likes of Pollock, Twombly, Motherwell, Krasner and Mitchell. This process and self-discipline gave him the best education on light and color. He built upon his color knowledge from photography and currently creates intense and highly energized abstract paintings.

Working in mostly acrylics he first quickly lays down his initial background using a brush. He then begins to work more intuitively and very energetically allowing the painting to dictate what it wants him to do. Most paint is applied with brushes or thrown onto the canvas. He grabs the colors from a "revolving palette."
George Rivera-juried Wayne's work into the Triton Museum Art Faire 2006.

Selected Private Collectors:
Mr. Steve Sanford - Campbell, CA
Dr. John Burch - Mtn. View, CA
Mrs. Kim Bosler - San Diego, CA
Solo Show - Espace Gallery February 2011, Brussels, Belgium
Group Show - Gallery Gora, Spring 2009, Montreal, Canada
Solo Show - diModa Salon, November 2008, San Jose, CA
Group Show - Omma Gallery, November 2008, Chania, Crete
Group Show - Sala Barna Gallery, March 2007, Barcelona, Spain
Group Show - Midsummer Art Fair - Triton Museum, June 2006 - Santa Clara, CA
Sala Barna Gallery - show winner, 1st place, February 2007
San Jose State University - B.A. in Photojournalism 1971; attended Masters Program in Mass Communications 1971-3
Painting Education/Experience:
2004-Present: Create expressive abstract figurative and literal expressionistic & impressionistic paintings with a focus on color by building upon knowledge gained from studying the "Irascibles" of the 50's.
Abstract Expressionist painter - practiced the techniques developed by Jackson Pollock, Joan Miro and Joan Mitchell to expand my understanding of light and color.
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